What will be happening for Project Sandbox

Hello there, Harry here!

I just want to start off by saying a few things to help you understand what I will be releasing into the prototype before it's ready to head out to Early Access.

The game was a small project I did for the holidays, and for me, I think it was really well done. However, I will say myself that it is not complete. Bugs roam the game, little to no interactive items to use. Here's what I want to release before we go into Early Access:

  • Better Object Placing: So far, you have to be pixel perfect in placing objects, otherwise, it doesn't work too well, and the player can get stuck, just becuase it wasn't a pixel
  • Noclip Abilty: The player can enable this and fly around the map. I think this would be great for large, big maps, such as spike fall maps.
  • Better Sprite Graphics: The game does lack beutiful sprites, some sprites are bland and don't look too nice.
  • Level Sharing: I want the player to be able to save and share levels, wether that's by sharing a file or by doing it via server.

There are more things to come, but for now, those are my main focuses.

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Jan 27, 2018

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