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A Very Dark Christmas

It's nearing Christmas! You've been a very good boy this year, and Santa has no reason to put you onto the naughty list. That is, until at the last minute. As he landed beside your chimney and looked at your most recent records, Santa has deemed you to be put onto the naughty list. So he throws away the presents into the forest near your town, where presents were manufactured. Seeing Santa drop your presents in the near distance, you run outside into the forest, to be surprised to find a small town-like area. Little do you know, an evil spirit has wiped what was once this very festive and productive town of presents.

A game-prototype made for the Scream Season Game Jam using Pico-8. Can you find all 5 of your presents before the evil spirit captures you? Remember, follow the candy canes! They hint to the present locations.

This game is unfinished. It will lack certain content and may contain bugs. If you wish to contact me about a bug, or feel something needs adjusting, contact me on Twitter; @Harrison_Court_


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Linux.zip 1 MB

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Great work Harry... but yeah i agree with @ScreamCatalogue a little grace period would go a long way ... 

Best Game Ever Mr. Harry


This is a cute little game! The PICO-8  is an awesome platform and I'm glad you're getting a handle of it. I like the backstory you made to this game, which is a simple collection / avoidance game but surprisingly quite challenging! As others have said that ghost goes too damn fast, but I was able to get four presents before giving up! I think if I were to change the game mechanics (I understand this is WIP) I'd add a grace period for the ghost chase and maybe improve the acceleration on the player when holding down the arrow key input. Thanks for submitting this game to SCREAM JAM! 

Ehh, that little ghost goes way to fast

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As much as I would love to reduce the speed of the ghost, the collision relies on being on the exact same position. Turning it into a float would round it to one less. Sorry =(