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What is Dating Your Computer Simulator?

Dating Your Computer Simulator 2016 is a text-based game about dating your computer if you couldn't tell already. The demo was made in under a day while I had sleep deprivation at the time , and I coded this into a game. This is a sequel to the game Dating Your Computer Simulator 2015 which was made by me (When I wasn't sleep deprived). It is written in C# and I hope I can do my best to keep you guys enjoyed!


  • Better AI
  • Better variable storing system
  • More options!

I plan on making more features such as endings, achievements (Unlikely) and more dates.

By the way, for the people thinking I have left the game, I haven't. I am making huge changes as we speak.

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Published253 days ago
AuthorHarry Court
TagsDating Sim, Funny, text-based, weird
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading the game! Here's how you can play it:

  1. When the .zip is downloaded, go to where you downloaded it (Downloads folder).
  2. Right click the .zip file and extract all.
  3. Extract it to any location you desire.
  4. Once extracted, click on the file, and play the .exe file.


Dating Your Computer Simulator 2016 *Early Access* (7 kB)