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What is Dating Your Computer Simulator?

Dating Your Computer Simulator 2016 is a text-based game about dating your computer if you couldn't tell already. The demo was made in under a day while I had sleep deprivation at the time , and I coded this into a game. This is a sequel to the game Dating Your Computer Simulator 2015 which was made by me (When I wasn't sleep deprived). It is written in C# and I hope I can do my best to keep you guys enjoyed!


  • Better AI
  • Better variable storing system
  • More options!

I plan on making more features such as endings, achievements (Unlikely) and more dates.

By the way, for the people thinking I have left the game, I haven't. I am making huge changesas we speak

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Published 1 year ago
AuthorHarry Court
TagsDating Sim, Funny, text-based, weird
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